We are announcing a two-day tournament called «Streamers Battle» in which any beginner or experienced streamer can take part. You can show your game and your style of survival in ROE, and we will show it on our official Twitch channel https://www.twitch.tv/ruringofelysium live!

:trophy: Brief information about the tournament:

:dot_green: Number of participants: up to 60 players

:dot_green: Mode: Solo / FPP (Single / First Person View)

:dot_green: Map: Europa Island

:dot_green: Server: EU

:dot_green: Number of games: the tournament is divided into 2 days, every day includes 4 games.

:dot_green: Time: February 23-24 / 18:00 Moscow time (GMT +3)

:dot_green: Break: After 2 games, a break of 15 minutes.

:dot_green: Registration is open until February 22.

:roe_gift: Prizes:

:first_place: 1st place (3 exclusive skins on Glider, BMX, Grappling hook)

:second_place: 2nd place (2 exclusive skins to choose from: Glider, BMX, Grappling hook)

:third_place: 3rd place (1 exclusive skin to choose from: Glider, BMX, Grappling hook).

:receipt: Requirements for participants:

:dot_red: You must have more than 50 followers

:dot_red: Registration: CLOSED.

Point System:

Kill points: 1 kill — 10 points

Board points: Evacuation — 30 points

Rank points:

  • Rank 30-11 — 0 points
  • Rank 10-9 — 5 points
  • Rank 8-6 — 10 points
  • Rank 5 — 15 points
  • Rank 4 — 20 points
  • Rank 3 — 25 points
  • Rank 2 — 30 points
  • Rank 1 — 40 points

If the players have the same score of total points, the player who has more rank points will have a position above.

If the players have the same rank points, the player who has more kill points will have position above.

The following rules may be changed by the administration at any time without notice or announcement of this. We reserve the right to remove tournament participants who do not comply with the rules below, as well as participants whom we consider necessary for removal. We also reserve the right not to explain the reason for removing a participant / team from our tournaments.
The final interpretation rights for all tournaments are reserved by the RUROE team.

:dot_red: When registering, game nicknames must be specified. If the nickname of one of the participants does not match the nickname in the game, the participant will not be allowed to the tournament.

:dot_red: If a participant decides to broadcast his match, he is obliged to specify «RU Ring of Elysium: Streamers Battle» in the title of his broadcast, as well as put a delay of 5 minutes to ensure the convenience of playing all the participants of the match.

:dot_red: During matches in the spectators [OBSERVER LIST] only the designated streamer, referees, tournament organizers are allowed to be.

:dot_red: The game lobby will be created 30 minutes before the start of the tournament, and at 18:00 Moscow time GMT +3 the first match will begin. Late participants will not be allowed to the tournament.

:dot_red: The sent password is strictly confidential and if one of the participants sends/shows/tells someone about this password, he will be automatically disqualified from the tournament.

:notice: Each participant who decided to take part in this tournament must know the rules well. Ignorance of the rules is no excuse!

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